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Good in lore color options for Male Fort 1st outfit?

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Hello fellow spider 😃

I've always liked the widow/fort official costume because of the nice subtle metal sheen it inherently has. Even as just plain colours, I think it's superior to the plain, glossy or muscled tights of "regular folk". I also like the collar and chest + shoulder pieces. Not a big fan of the helmet, although I have utilised it in conjuction with non-arachnos costume pieces; and not without messing with the proportions as it's a little too egg-headed for me.

With regards to the lore, I've only seen 3 major colour designations: Red (Kalinda and various enemies in missions), Black (which looks deep purple/violet because of the sheen and how the collar and armour reacts to colour) for the Renegade under Amelee/Millia -- though she sometimes appears in white; and White for the various NPCs scattered in the Isles like Gossamer and Fateweaver.

Here are my two widows:



Silk is a hybrid fort+claws widow. I personally think the dark violets work best with the black and darker shades.


Satin is a pure Fortunata. 

I do have a Nightblood widow (all claws--like a stalker on steriods), but his costume is an homage to a Hellboy villain, Kroenen



I don't think the official costume limits you in terms of colours especially if you won't be using the helm. The helm and armour tend to render colour in a tricky way, so feel free to explore the entire palette. However, this is why I stuck to the violets, purples and pinks since they tend to have a nice overlap in terms of hue and shade. 

I did fool around with greens and yellows once. I had an idea for Brazilian Wanderer, and therefore took initiative with the 
Brazilian flag colours of green, yellow, white and dark blue. I suppose it worked, but it was a little too brightly coloured for my taste.

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I remember not too long ago that there were NO female Arachnos soldier NPCs. Then once they (and male widows) appeared, I wondered why I wasn't seeing any female crab spiders. Turns out female crab spiders look exactly like male crab spiders... kinda like how female dwarfs in Tolkien lore look exactly like male dwarfs. haha.

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