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One of those concepts that just land on your lap


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I apologise in advance for tooting my own horn.

I recently found myself with some down time due to connectivity and lag issues. It was so bad that I couldn't even run in game without bumping into buildings. So I thought I'd hit the costume creator until it passes. As a change of pace from my usual Blapper or Brutinator, I was grinding a Peacebringer, whose play time is interrupted by the lag. Though I'm not skilled enough to play bi- or tri-form, I do like the idea of being able to shape shift. I'll give it a go when the toggle suppression patch rolls out... but I digress.

So there I was in the character creator. I started without anything in particular in mind. After a few minutes, a Griffin was staring back at me. I decided to make him a Blaster. I've never tried Psi/ on a Blaster before, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I chose /Fire for the secondary primarily because the Griffin costume was asking for it. I really didn't give it much thought since I was just killing time.

At first, I couldn't reconcile the synergy between Psi and Fire. Even the power animations didn't want to hold hands with each other. Then I thought, why don't I play him like a bi-form PB... and boom everything fell into place. So I present to you, Salazar the Accursed.

He's a collector of odd things... until one of the items that came to his possession had the spirit of a Griffin. He inadvertently releases the seal and the Griffin took control of his mortal form. Both souls fight for dominance; so he had to learn "the mystic ways" just to keep the beast at bay and his sanity in check. Now, they've struck an agreement as to who gets to go out and slay. The fact remains, though, that one of his previous possessions now possess him. The bio will be better (I'm sure). Basically, it's the same formula for DC's Jason Blood and the Demon Etrigan.

Game-wise, he has almost all the psi powers and Arcane Bolt while in human form. He gets no stealth or travel powers. He does get limited use of Cauterise from the secondary.


But when the need arises, he transforms to the Griffin. The mythical beast, in turn uses all the powers from his secondary, Flame Mastery, and Enflame from Sorcery pool. He does have access to flight, but he fights on the ground on all fours.


I've set up the transformation (costume change...with costume emote Light Magic for the rune circle) with the help of PB macros so that the form changes come with the power tray swap.

And there you have it. What started out as a time-waster to wait out the lag has definitely become one of my better concepts if not my best one to date. Is he the strongest? I highly doubt it. The segregation of powers may not be in his best interest in terms of the meta, but he can hold his own most of the time. He's really fun to play especially in the context of his concept.

Let me know if you have concepts you're really proud of that you can't help but share them. 😃

[Edited a few spelling mistakes]

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