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Audio volume change let some multi-target powers barely audible


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Started noticing this during P4 beta but i've been told it has better visibility here.
Some multi target powers are barely audible now after the recent audio change - powers' sounds volume does not depend any more on the targets hit.
Little disturbing, and for some i often think it missed when it did not.
Some examples among the most striking found so far:

- Electrical Blast AoE "hit" sounds: Short Circuit, Ball Lightning, and Thunderous Blast to some extent (much less visible on this one)
- Staff Fighting AoEs: Eye of the Storm, Guardian Spin, Inocuous Strikes (? - tested as a stalker)

- Mu Fences and Ball Lightning
- Kinetics' Siphon Power and Transference when applying buff to allies, Speed Boost and Increase Density. Fulcrum Shift barely affected.
- Ion Judgements... this is probably the most striking among all.

It's like most sounds are just not made for a single "stack".
I did testing with staff, it is back to more or less normal level with a 150% volume boost.


Maybe make that optional - if possible ?

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