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[Beta] Patch Notes for September 9th, 2022

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Advanced Difficulty Settings - General

  • Fixed issue that was allowing Ultimate Super Inspirations to be used in content where they should be disabled.

Advanced Difficulty Settings - Dr. Aeon's Strike Force

  • Golden Brickernauts are now immune to healing while they are counting down, preventing scenarios where a Smelter heals them during the countdown which then caused their self-destruct to not be fatal and they 'magically revived' after exploding.


Imperious Task Force

Mission 1:

  • The Sybil captors are now properly scaled again, with a minion instead of a lieutenant enemy if the team size is 5 or below.


Dr. Aeon's Strike Force

Mission 5:

  • Adjusted Emperor Requiem's AI configuration to ensure he stays suspended until the first four AVs are down, and then properly activates and fights after.
  • Adjusted the objective setup so the 'Talk to PsiCurse (Optional)' objective will clear once you leave Ripple 3.

Custom/Sheathed Weapons

  • All weapons have been given a quality pass on placement on the back, they should be closer overall but still allowing as much flexibility as possible for body scaling. Female in particular have had most weapons brought closer to their back, as they were given excessive space when their torso scaling doesn't change like the other two body types. If any weapons have issues or seem oddly placed, please let @Cobalt Arachne know.
  • Added 'Tomahawk' model to weapon selection for Battle Axe. This was a previously unused legacy axe model.
  • Added 'Scimitar' model to weapon selection for Broadsword. This is the Scimitar model variant seen in Dual Blades which is thinner.
  • Fixed incorrect draw child FX on Female Right 'Axe' Dual Blade.
  • Adjusted 'Rikti Axe' to match the previous back positioning fix that went out to the Broadsword Rikti weapons but was missed on Battle Axe.
  • 'Rikti Blade' Katana on Female/Huge bodies were mis-sized between sheathed/unsheathed versions, they are now correctly sized.
  • The fancy back-to-hip-to-hand draw animation for the 'Rikti Blade' Katana has been smoothed on all three body types.
  • 'Fire & Ice' War Mace was scaled smaller than intended on all three body types, has been made to match the properly sized Arachnos Mace version.
  • Fixed missing sheathed draw FX on all four female Arachnos Maces.
  • Fixed wrong/poorly named standard Arachnos Maces; Now labeled as the following in the editor:
    • Bane Spider Mace renamed to 'Wolf Spider TacOps'
    • Arachnos Mace A renamed to 'Bane Spider Scout'
    • Arachnos Mace B renamed to 'Bane Spider Executioner'
  • Arachnos Soldier AR child FX were missed for the firing point fix; Those FX are now fixed as well.


Costume Fixes

  • Rocket Boots options with the jump FX now only fire the thrusters during the jump's ascent and then shut-off during the fall, mirroring other jump jet FX.


Bug Fixes

  • Sonic Assault's Shriek and Scream are no longer usable while mezzed
  • Defender's Epic Force of Nature recovery effect no longer ignores strength buffs.


Peregrine Island

  • Incandescent now using Lotus Float as the last neutral animation was still causing her waist cape to get stuck on her leg often.



  • The patrols of bosses that appear in Castellum Quarter no longer respawn instantaneously and infinitely.

Imperial City

  • Powers are no longer suppressed inside the Trading House.


Pocket D

  • A wet floor sign has been deployed where the infamous Pocket D barfer was once located. There have been hazmat reports of concern, and an investigation is on-going.
  • The feline patrons have decided to move over to the bar inside the AE block after some contention about occupying the favorite spots of some Pocket D regulars.



  • Removed the shout from the normal Vault Reserve Benevolabs vendor as it was causing it to show up in missions on maps that had Vault Reserves out of bounds.
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