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Defender Mez Protection


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For a Defender, your mez protection is using your secondary's hold/sleep/disorient first.  Figure out which mob is likely to try and mez you, and lock it down, THEN debuff the rest.


If your primary is mostly debuff (Rad, Storm, etc), you might need to slot for ranged Defense, so that your target(s) can't alpha you (and then as your debuffs take hold, they have other things to worry about).  I took Psionic Mastery epic pool to get the Hold as a backup to Tesla Cage, because even with a +Mag proc in Tesla, sometimes you need to stack the hold to hold the boss.

AE ARC's (So Far!)


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50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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