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PCU Off Campus



Earlier that afternoon...


Krys had managed to walk several city blocks with a nice early afternoon cool breeze. She had styled her hair differently and wore what could only be described as a working girls long fake zebra print styled fur coat. She wore black style Ray Bans and her boots. After she had picked up the flowers She notice two young men following her. Finally she stopped then looked directly at them. Krys lowered her sunglasses with a sinister smile. They both bolted. Krys laughed, waved as the two Outcast ran. When she looked up she could see the Tastee Diner sign.


The diner had been rebuilt several times by the owner/operators John and Elizabeth Bain. The building was a stand alone two story building the front half was mostly a giant wrap window glass with chairs and tables booths along the outer wall, a long dining counter with stools made up the front before the kitchen. The rest rooms were located near the front entrance. They were one of the few area resturants with private dining available. When Krys entered Beth approached her,


"Welcome to the Tastee Diner My name is Beth, How can I help you?" she said.

Krys looked at her for a moment and blinked.

"Are you okay honey?" Beth asked with concern this time.

"Um oh yes, sorry, I didn't ahh. a table for two, please I guess? They will be here at 5, I hope." Krys finally stammered out. 

Beth smiled sweetly  "Well how about I set you up in a corner booth. I can bring you a hot toddie to warm you."

"That would be nice, very nice." Krys answered.


Krys sat down where Beth told her than placed her flowers on the table. A few moments later Beth returned with the drink. Beth told Krys to just wave if she needed anything.


That Was Then...



This is Now...


Krys had long finished her drink and had just sat and waited. She knew she had been early, so she waited. She tried not to watch the clock, So she waited some more.

Beth btought her a glass of water to put the flowers in, then checked on her twice more. Krys continued to wait, 5:00 pm came and went and she waited. Krys stopped watching the door it was about 10 after so she didn't notice the woman rush into the bathroom. 


It was 5:20 pm Now. Krys looked out the window to the street then she turned back looking up and... 

On 5/2/2023 at 4:17 PM, Tenaxa said:

Having done what she could she took a deep breath and walked out to where Krys was sitting


Locked eyes with Tori. It didnt matter she was late or looked like hell wearing baggy clothes and was that the smell of blood. Krys came up from the table and embraced Tori. It was a little too tight for the both of them. Even tho Krys left side burned like fire she clung to Tori in the hug.


"I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I promise, I won't leave you I swear." Krys whispered mumbled while kissing Tori's face. Then stopped.


"You're hurt." Krys said.


She removed her coat then enveloped Tori in it while guiding her to the table to sit. It was obvivous now why she was wearing the long coat...



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Written with American Valor

PCU- Off Campus Tastee Diner 


Tori winced in pain at the hug but hugged back. She held Krys tight, happy to see her, happy to be with her.

“No, it’s nothing. Just a scratch. Sorry I’m late. Met some old friends on the way.” She gives a wry grin.


Tori self-consciously runs her fingers through her hair, still trying to get it to look presentable.


“You look…really nice Krys." Tori couldn't help but stare.


Krys was wearing a tight black leather bustier corset with tight black leather pants her DM boots. She spent quite some time putting her hair into cornrows. She looked at Tori with a small smile, then looked away to the flowers.


"Um thank you, I wanted to look special for you. I brought you some flowers, I hope you like em, Here." 


Krys reached down and removed a small stick like device from her belt then passed it to Tori. It was a small first aid healing spray. it had 3 charges left.


"I would feel alot better if you used it." Krys said as she joined Tori scooting in next to her in the booth.


Tori took the device as she slipped into the booth.  Once they were well-hidden in the booth she pulled up her sweatshrit to expose her wound. With practiced ease she sprayed under the bandage and around the wound.  It quickly provided the desired result, stopping the bleeding and providing accelerated healing. 


"Thanks Krys, just didn't have anything on me and I was already late."


She looks at the flowers and smiles. "These are very pretty."


"I would say let's just talk about it later, but that's why were here. This is later, finally." 


Krys face fell with sadness in her eyes as she looked down, 


"You got hurt, because of me. I said no more laters. I'm sorry Tori, I just needed us to talk for you, for me, to understand clearly because you're the one that I want."


Tori smiles. "I was not hurt because of you. I know better than to walk the alleyways and not be alert. And I'll be fine, this won't even scar if I take care of it."


She leans over and kisses Krys' cheek. "Its been a rough day and lots of stuff is going on. So it means a lot that you want to be with me."


The smell of two Hot Toddy's arrived a moment before Beth did with a big smile.


"Hi again and Hello welcome to Tastee's Home of the Atlas Burger. I'll be your waitress today If you're not ready to order just get my attention and I"ll be over in a jiff. So what can I get for you ladies?"

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Primary: Tenaxa (Victoria (Tori) Hanes-Sykes); at least 5 versions and counting

And pretty much any other character I play.

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Written with Tenaxa

PCU- Off Campus Tastee Diner


The food ordered, Krys sat very close to Tori. Krys kept fidgeting with her hands till she finally reached out to hold Tori's hand.


Tori held Krys’ hand, interlocking their fingers.


"I was worried you weren't going to show. I'm very happy you're here. It never crossed my mind you could be a hero. You were so hung up on me being a killer. Why didn't you just tell me? Especially after I told you what happened to me when I was a kid."


Tori looks down. “I guess…I don’t know. Sometimes I just think everyone knows. And sometimes I just want to be ‘normal’ Tori again. Not that was or ever will be ‘normal’ Tori.”


She shrugs.


“So yeah, I punch people for a living. Send gangers to the Zig, mostly. Sometimes I help with something bigger. I been doing it for a while now. Not like it is a big deal in this town.”


Krys listen to Tori who treated the idea of being a hero as almost disdainful. That what it sounded like to Krys, She thought and spoke the same.


"Then why do it? You're not one of those heroes; that break in, beat up everyone. then takes their stuff, then make deals for services. This way they don't hav ta go to jail, right. You're not that kind of hero right?"


Krys held Tori's hand trying to remain calm. She grew up hearing bits and pieces of stories about the ruthlessness of the heroes of Paragon. She had experienced that as well. Even across the radio broadcast of WSPDR the radio station of the isles these stories were told. Everybody in the Isle knew; No one cares nothin’ for no one. The first rule of no mercy isle. When they got no use. Get rid of them. The second rule of no mercy isle, Heroes are not to be trusted, The third rule of no mercy isle. Krys knew in her heart it couldn't be true about Tori, but she had to know.


Tori looks surprised at Krys.


“What? No, no one does that. Well, I’m sure there are some that probably do but nobody I know. That’s not what heroes do. Sure, some do it for fame and attention, but even those are doing good. You think I’d live in that dump of an apartment and such if I extorted money from criminals? I’d be living in comfort if I had that kind of money.”


Krys nodded, but mumbled half heartedly looking away.


"Doing good for who? I know how the system works. The big fish get half off the top, then it trickles down to the little one. The smaller the fish the less they get to eat."


Tori takes a deep breath.


“I do it because I can. And because I made a promise.”


She looks at Krys and squeezes her hand.


“Looks like it is time for a story.” She settles in and starts.


“I grew up for a while in an orphanage. It sucked. Ministry of Mercy orphanage in Galaxy City. Now, if you are up to date on your history, you know Galaxy City is destroyed. Well, I was there when the meteors fell. I hid in a Quick-E-Mart while Shivans ravaged things, and Longbow, Arachnos, and various metas ran around fighting them. And each other.”


Tori’s hands shake a little bit as she explains. Krys continued holding Tori's hand with a reassuring firmness.


“I was only about seven years old, hiding in a Quick-E-Mart, with dead people staring at me. I couldn’t save them. I couldn’t do anything because I was little…”


She trails off and looks down, taking a deep breath before continuing.


“I told those people that when I was bigger I’d protect people. I’d fight monsters. And eventually I got that chance. I learned martial arts, and I tried to protect people. But I learned I couldn’t protect everyone. Still, I try to keep people safe. Especially people who can’t take care of themselves.”


“And I take the measly bounties the city gives for bringing in known criminals, when its available.”


Krys pulled Tori even closer giving her a big warm hug,


Beth arrived with the ordered food and placed it down. "Enjoy ladies if you need anything else just wave and I'll be right over."  Beth smiled then move to another table...



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When you wake up seek the courage and strength to do the right thing.
Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

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written with American Valor

PCU-Tastee Diner


The food was nice and hot straight off the grill. Tori watched as Krys did the strangest thing, She started disassembling her food and rebuilding it while cutting things in half or quarters then setting it aside. Krys looked at Tori questionly and said,


"I think your apartment is nice. For a while we lived on a very old rundown dock, On a half sunk house boat. So you're a city bounty hunter?, and it pays?, So the bigger the bounty the bigger you get paid? Hmm that's what Alie's up too. Why she wanted to recruit you."


Krys smiles as she picks up a 1/4 scale of the Atlas burger and takes a bite.


Tori considers asking about the way Krys was eating but decides against it.


"Well, I'm not truly a bounty hunter. I don't go onto those bounty boards and take jobs there. Just when there is someone on the wanted list or something, the city pays a little to compensate the one or ones that brought them in. A lot of wealthy heroes don't even take the bounties. I do because it helps pay the bills. Vanguard pays too for any help in the war zone."


Tori starts in on her burger, eating it slightly faster than she should.


"There are ways to make some money but no one is getting rich just off of hero work."


Krys smiled actually enjoying eating the real food, no soy or Aeon neutri-paste, the burger tasted so good. Krys grinned at Tori. Krys finished her bite and said,


"What if I told you we had an angle on a bounty and it paid millions? Could that increase your hero rating status? So you can always get the big jobs like that douc,.. I mean Positron guy who gets paid to stand around while you do the work?"


Krys took another bite of her small burger.


“If you told me I could make millions off a bounty I’d say there was a catch. Something worth that much stinks of problems. Or else it is highly illegal.”


She thinks for a moment.


“Is this a real thing or just a hypothetical? I’d have to hear more details before I could make any decision.”


She continues to eat her burger and the accompanying fries.


“And yes, Posi can be a douche-bag at times. Most of the big-shots are. Some of them aren’t too bad once you get to know them and they aren’t all like ‘we have to save the city’.” She grins.


Krys face scrunched up with a sideways glance to Tori,


"I ain't fakin sick, so don't poke fun at me. I pressed Alie about it this mornin' when she started talking all smart. We got no schoolin, we ain't dumb neither. We get by. This schoolin we're in is different but we know things."


Krys started eating her divided fries.  These were just as good as the burger. She had a small smile on her face while watching Tori enjoying her food also.

Tori looked over at Krys and started to clarify ‘hypothetical’ vs ‘hypochondriac’ but decided against it. As Krys said, she and Liv were smart, but clearly lacked some of the finer points of higher education.


"Well, if Allie has all the details and is done making fun of me for being a hero, I'm willing to listen." She shrugs, trying to seem nonchalant about the whole thing.


Tori fretted to herself. She didn't want Krys or the rest of them to go into something highly dangerous and get themselves hurt or worse. The 'get rich quick' jobs tended to be near suicide and were more than often highly illegal.

RP on Everlast: 

Primary: Tenaxa (Victoria (Tori) Hanes-Sykes); at least 5 versions and counting

And pretty much any other character I play.

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written with American Valor

PCU-Tastee Diner


They sat quietly both eating and thinking, Krys had eaten about half her fries and half her second 1/4 burger when she set it down and looked at Tori.


"You know I'm not lying to you when I tell ya that I aint no stranger to fightin, right. See I think Alie thinks I just go fightin hopin fer the best, but we have learned tactics and planin'. I try never to go in blind iffen I can help it. I don't like killin much. I will iffen they make me, but I rather not. This here job Alie was tellin me about is serious, See If I understand he's a killer cause he likes it. He likes hurtin people and from what she said he killed the wrong people,  He don't care who he hurts to get what he wants as long as he gets it. Seems everyone wants him too, The gov't. po-lice, FBSA, priviate companie, even other bad guys. They are all willin to pay Alie said. She said it's dangerous to go after him head on, so she is working on plans to see what if anything we could do to make it safer. Alie said she will point out the guy when were ready."


Krys watched Tori so she could try to get a read on her. Then Krys took another bite of the small burger.


Tori paused. 


"I saw you fight Krys. You're a damn expert. Raw talent and could use some cleaning up, but you are really good."


She looks at Krys, who blushed at the compliment.


"I am not sure Alie is on the level, but if this person is that bad, then let's bring them in. Protecting people is what I do, so I'm in if this person is killing indiscriminately."


Krys smiled at Tori, a big smile with a sparkle in her eyes,


"Um, we should go on a date, just the two of us, maybe catch a movie together, train, talk or somethin." 


The slight blush in Krys cheeks remained as she stared at Tori.


Tori smiles at Krys and then leans over and kisses her cheek.


"I'd really like that. Get away from all this serious stuff and have some fun." She grins. "Maybe even get into some trouble."


"I'm dressed for fun and trouble." Krys smirked then added, "Exceptin I'm down a tool. Alie said you had it, ya didn' bring it, did ya? It's okay iffin we need togo back to yer place."


Krys grinned, then she started to wrap the other parts of her food for transport.

RP on Everlast: 

Primary: Tenaxa (Victoria (Tori) Hanes-Sykes); at least 5 versions and counting

And pretty much any other character I play.

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written with Tenaxa

PCU-Tastee Diner



Beth noticed the ladies and saw one of them wrapin  up her food, She thought for a moment and spoke quietly to John while she grabbed a couple of to-go boxes.


"Hi ladies I noticed you were packing up and brought you over some boxes."




Krys answered as Beth was putting them on the table.


"Why what?"


Beth answered with a questioning sorta confused look on her face.


Krys voice took on a cold hard edge.


"Why what, you been to nice and watching us since I sat down. What do you want me to do? Hmm."


Krys stared at Beth, who was taken slightly aback but smiled.


"Oh well you seemed a little lost and confused when you first came in. I assumed you are packing that for a friend, which is why I brought the to-go boxes." 


Tori watched Krys, a little confused at first, then understanding washed over her. She’d been in a similar state when she was brought into her adopted parent’s home. Not quite because she had several years in an orphanage before being out on her own. She’d had to relearn to live in society a little bit, but Krys never had that.


"Order Up!" the disembody voice called out from the kitchen window along with a ding sound.


"I'll be right back." Beth said with a friendly smile.


“Krys, it is a ‘to-go’ box, just take it and you can put your extra food in it. They’re not trying to do anything wrong.”


She says quietly to Krys in a calm voice and then helps her package up the food. Krys smiles at Tori.


"Are you sure, these little boxes are fancy. Better than the Hungry Dragon."


Krys whispered to Tori. A minute later Beth returned with a mediun sized bag it smelled incredible.


"I saw you ladies are leaving so I ordered you an apple pie to-go, no charge. Before you say no, we give each guest a choice of different pie slices The apples just came out of the oven, so their still hot. So here at Tastee we like everyone to feel welcome. Nothing says Welcome more than hot apple pie."


Beth smiles at them both. Krys was about to ask if this was a trap or something when she felt Tori brush behind her. 


"Oh that's no.., a Thank you." Krys finished, with a glance at Tori. Beth smiled and then moved to another table as they exited.


Once they were outside, Tori stops Krys.


“Listen, if you want to live amongst the ‘normies’ of society, you need some training. I hope I’m not offending but there are some basics that you need to brush up on."


Tori thinks for a moment.  Knowing she isn't going to convince Krys that they are doing it as a favor, she tries a different approach.


"A restaurant will provide to-go boxes or bags for convenience. Helps them get return customers."


Krys raised an eyebrow at Tori then smirked.


"So are you gonna train me all proper like. I don't bite..."


Krys tried to sound innocent while walking next to Tori




When you wake up seek the courage and strength to do the right thing.
Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

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PCU - Somewhere in Steel Canyon




The alleyway was littered with multiple bodies. The Lead Brick head bounced off the wall for the third time as he slipped on to the trash covered floor. As he tried to sit up and focus his eyes stared into the large bore pistol pointed at his head.


"Have I got your attention now?" The vigilante knocked back the hammer on the weapon.

"Yea man. All you had to do was ask nicely. You're looking for the people who set you up, right , come on Man. right?"


The MidKnight Avenger just stared quietly at the Lead Brick the gun just pointing and the hand grip flexing.


"I'm telling you man you gotta believe me it was three wacked out women. The two that handled the boys and the one we ment in the hospital. She paid us cash. All we had to say was you jacked us. Figured it add to your rep or somethin. That was before we knew anyone was dead, man. Honest we wouldn't do you like that. Please man we told ya what you wanted to know don't kill us, me."


The lead brick was begining to sob the barrel followed his everyhead movement.


"Name?" the Midknight Avenger asked. The Lead Brick stammered out.


"My N-n-n-ame, Joey...  Joey Patrinoi"


The lead brick said. It happened so fast he didnt even see it. The gun shot foward pistol slapping Joey. His head slammed back into the alley wall and bounced foward back into the barrel of the gun.




"What name what NAME tell me what to say I'll say anything."


Joey stared looking at MidKnight Avenger and realized what he wanted.


"I dont Know her name, Oh gawd, I swear I don't know Please, please, ple.."




Followed by silience as MidKnight Avenger leapt away in the direction of the PVD. He had a flight to catch.






When you wake up seek the courage and strength to do the right thing.
Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

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PCU - The Green 





Melody sat on a bench confirming that the girl Max was seeing and eating breakfast-brunch was a local hero college student. The picture of Tenaxa was nice but she was just noi cheerleader material, So what was Max doing with her? Mel knew and Max was lucky to be heading to an away game. Mel didn't want to hurt Jenn but that hounddog couldn't keep it in his pants that was a well known fact. Mel wasn't sure how Jenn would take it but better the truth then that bastard getting away with this again. Mel and several other Cheerrleaders sat waiting for Jenn to arrive.







J-Tom sat on the edge of the bed in her dorm room. She knew something was wrong when Max hadn't called or come over last night or wake her up this mornin. So she cleaned her dorm and waited blowing off her morning classes. Then she recieved the photo. Max was holding some bimbo, eating and who knows what else.

J-Tom's temper flared her Irish blood grew hot, *Nobody was gonna take her man not Sandi and not some bimbo, she set them all straight.* J-Tom mind stormed.

Then a few moments later she recieved a call from Mel she acted dumb but she knew what Mel wanted and agreed to meet up with her in a few on the Green,




When you wake up seek the courage and strength to do the right thing.
Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

American Valor Sentinel of Liberty

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