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Mace Weapon Animation Error


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I'm not sure if Bug Reports is where to post this. 

There's a minor misalignment of the Mace weapon when armed on a Huge body type. 


The upper part of the mace does not fall into the grip of the left hand.


This misalignment also happens with the female SoA as well as the Huge other AT Mace Mastery, but is within forgivable limits



the female has the hand inside the mace shaft,
while the huge body's hand grips the head of the mace, not the shaft (though it only happens with the shorter maces)



This does not happen with any of my toons that have regular Male body type whether they're Arachnos Soldiers or another AT taking Mace Mastery.


Another minor error regarding the Mace is the option for a mace weapon when non should exist. This occurs with toons that have undergone a respec. The non-SoA AT toon respec-ed out of the previously chosen Mace Mastery to another or no Epic/Patron pool. Yet the choice to arm a mace still lingers.

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