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The A.R.C.A.D.E is looking for Members! (Please Read)


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A.R.C.A.D.E. stands for "Alternate Reality Crisis Alliance of Dimensional Exploration


The name is a tribute to everything City of Heroes and AP33 (Atlas Park 33 Instances).


It is my thanks to a community that brought me some sanity in dark times. It might be a game, sure, but the people I've met over time were a light and I am forever grateful.


A.R.C.A.D.E. is a beacon, standing true to the community standard of enjoying each others' company, teamwork, and vanquishing the Costume Creator (trying to at least)


I am ACTIVE from 7am and sometimes 5pm EST!


I offer up a place of creativity, communication, and somewhere as a group we can enter as strangers and grow as family. Cliche, perhaps, but I don't know how else to put it. I am offering a base, Teleportation to all possible Zones, Storage, and a palette for Creativity (base building delight)


I am a veteran - Issue 1 to current - like many, I do have knowledge of the content (perhaps rusty), I play up to 5-6 builds that I like at a time. I like to play and grind to 50 mostly. I get bored with Farming and such. The SG has a discord channel. I have a secondary SG: A.R.C.A.D.E. - Extra Lives, for retired 50s and Extra Alts. 


The Super Group is looking for a small, maybe medium sized roster of long-term players. (I tend to dedicate myself to one group). --You do not have to be a vet to join!


-New players are welcome!

-You don't have to be good at playing right off the bat.

-We're striving for relaxed gameplay, whether it is social or solo.

-Roleplaying is welcome too.

-Costume Contests and Events will be coordinated once we have enough folks to join and help out.


All I ask directly is that you be sure you want to stick around and that it is okay to prioritize "real life aggro", if that makes sense.


My Global handle is: @The Game Changer - give a /tell or mail in-game! 


The Discord (please let me know if the link works/doesn't work): 




-Hope to hear from anyone that would be interested, I don't know how else to word any of it, I apologize if I'm a little awkward!



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3 minutes ago, It Gets Weird said:

Quite a read! I'll check you guys out for sure! I played mostly on Guardian and Pinnacle, just dusted off this account for the forums, I'll message you in-game. 🙂

Thank you for getting in touch! I'll be sure to keep a look-out! Looking forward to it! Until then, take care and stay awesome!

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- Lost my mind, went looking for it, now I'm lost too... 

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