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[Petition] Removal of "EARTH FOR HUMANS" Billboards

Raiden Dirty

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I took this picture with my drone.


I'm a visitor here.

Different planet, different species, different culture.

When I first arrived here, I was greeted very well by Vanguard, only to leave the Warzone and see ... this.


I have fought beside Vanguard, and your local heroes.

I have bled for your citizens and your diplomats.


This doesn't even account for the friendly Rikti who are helping dismantle their old regime.

This doesn't account for the Kheldian Warshades and Peacebringers that defend your entire planet.

This doesn't account for every other extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial being that has come to the defense of you and your people.


I am Arkove R'val, Registered Vanguard Operator.

Vanguard calls me RAITA.


I am creating this petition to have these disturbing, ugly, and offensive billboards removed or replaced.

I will pay for it myself if I must, but they have to go.




If you believe the same thing, leave your mark.


Humanity is above racism.

Prove it.

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"Earth is just a planet. Last I checked, planets aren't made specifically for any one species."-Blak Star, self-proclaimed Warshade stereotype.

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-Stick to need to know info only on the forums(how-to's, inf making guides, maybe a generalist run down of your chosen AT)

-Interact in at least a neutral manner. You don't have to like the folks here, but avoid being personal

-Try and focus your time in-game. In-game folks are generally better to deal with and get real-time answers from than forums.



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On 10/1/2022 at 3:20 AM, Six-Six said:

1) you invaded earth.
2) you lost.
3) you don't get to ask for things that will make you feel better

Why not, the Confederacy lost and they got statues and military bases named after their treacherous Generals.

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Several alts and of course my original from live on Freedom, OG High Beam (someone else has her non OG name)

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I like the bill boards and we are currently still at war with them Rikiti. ((MSR are very popular.)) When the Rikiti all go home return all the citizens they have conscripted to normal including restoring the Lost and rebuild Baumton, White Plains, and Paragon Water Works then MAYBE we could consider taking down the signs. Until then "REMEMBER 5-23!"    Baumton Avenger 

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Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

American Valor Sentinel of Liberty

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I don't think the Rikti are as big of a threat to our world as the Praetorians are.  I'm also seeing a resurgence of Council/5th Column plotting led by the Center, colluding with both Earthlings and extraterrestrials to take over not just our dimension, but all dimensions wherein "we" exist.  


So yeah, while the billboards are ... kinda valid? in a way, they're a form of tunnel vision, on only one threat at a time.

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Humanity has yet to develop interstellar travel, unlike your species. Earth is all we have. A single planet. Don't expect us to share it with anyone else.


Anyway, do you really want our Earth? Don't worry. It can be arranged. We have enough earth to bury you and your kin. There, you can enjoy it as much as you can.


Best regards,




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From: The Department of Non Human Alliance 


Subject: Response to request.


Dear non Earthers 


    While we understand your feeling on the "Earth for Humans" posters and billboards and thank you for your service in our defense, we the non human(Faeries, Elf, Orc, etc.) of this planet have to concur with the humans in their anger towards your previous and continuous attacks upon this planet and other realities we all inhabit by many of your people who reside on Earth. Also understand many of us have long memories and we remember your time from your arrival on this world and your attempts to take it over centuries ago and continue today. As odd it is to us that many humans are willing to forgive your transgressions against our planet, be assured we do not. Magic was the weapon that defended this world be and warned it will be the weapon to eradicate your people should you continue your vile and abhorrent aggressions our people, magical races and reluctant allies. 

It is our and in your best interest to cease any further aggressions as do not wish to hear any further lessons on morality from the remnant United Nations and the U.S. Government.


This is not a call for surrender, but one of strong and friendly suggestion for your forces to withdraw from Earth henceforth and never return. 

We do not seek a reply just seek an end to this long drawn out war. 




Ambassador/Head of the new United Elven Council. 

Kylnn Darkmoon


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From the Scions of Everlasting, Human Sanctuary Initiative

Subject: Reply to petition


A fellow non-earth vanguard contingent here would like to support this request.

We firmly believe that humanity deserves to feel safe in their home world, as many of their relative kin in other dimensions and universes no longer exist.

It is our primary goal to secure their home in Prime, and ensure they continue to live unharmed by outside interference of the arcane variety.

Seeing as our goals mutually align to ensure the safety and well being of human kind, we feel it is only right to support this petitioned request.

Our people did not come here to invade, or intrude on human territory.

For most of us, we arrived much earlier in Prime history, some of us date back to the middle ages in arrival.

Yet we still committed to assist the Vanguard, and help when assistance is called for on the radios, no matter whom is calling.

We know we are not alone in the universe, in this dimension.

Our only desire and goal, is to continue to live in peace, and securing humanity's future.

There has to be some way to end the divisiveness.

We do not want human wealth, land, or resources.

None of it is of any use to us.

It's why we house within Ouroborus.


If peace is desired, we will be here to celebrate it with you. Let us seek ways to end this xenophobia and learn of each other better instead.


With most sincere intentions,

Crystal Dragon, leader of the Scions of Everlasting, and Guardian of the Tirikan refugees sanctum.


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From: New Genesis Mercenaries

Subject: Response to Billboard Petition

First off, let me introduce myself. Name's Daris Raynor, and while I'm not from 'Prime Earth', nor born on Earth, I was raised believing I was human, raised by humans, and it wasn't until I was in my thirties that I discovered I wasn't just another 'metahuman'. I came to this Earth after my own was destroyed, and an alternate Earth I attempted to resettle into, brought back too many memories that only I held. So I migrated past dimensional and universal boundaries to find a place to settle. I initially wound up in Praetoria, that was a shitshow, but I don't regret seeing that Earth either. I came to 'Prime', and I've since been working with people from this Earth, and many alternate Earths, and even those not of any Earth.

Billboards like this don't serve any true purpose but to continue cycles of hatred. It tarnishes any good deeds done by those not from Earth, by slapping them with the wrong-doings of others, just because they aren't "of Earth". It also adds a negative focus to the non-humans who ARE of Earth, who fight FOR humanity, even when being targeted with hostility because of their inhuman or demi-human status.


I can list a number of people, some from this Earth, some from other Earths, and some not even from any Earth of any kind, who have been risking their lives, daily, ever since arriving here, willingly and many, unwillingly, to protect this world, themselves, their friends, and their loved ones. Yet because of their 'native origin', they get mocked or worse because of it. Or, as it has happened to a good 'man', whose only crime is being of the same species as a faction he opposes, assaulted, poisoned, and nearly killed...even after he went through some serious surgical procedures to try and make himself fit in better with the humans he works with.

"Earth for Humans", is a sentiment that won't serve any purpose other than to make things worse for everyone. It's the same sentiment as having a billboard that says "Paragon for Whites" or some other dumbass racially motivated sentiment. Don't make Earth look like a 'Nazi' planet who only accepts one group, that 'never' ends well for humanity or the planet as a whole. Such a sentiment will either cause humanity and other races born to the planet to war and cause its destruction, or you'll piss off the wrong visitors and instead of an invading faction like the Rikti aligned with the Lineage of War mentality, they'll just glass the planet from orbit and call it a day.


From someone who has seen multiple Earths decimated, destroyed, and demolished,

Daris Raynor.

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