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This is for those who seek to play every level and every map of the game. This is for those who seek the badges, seek the challenges of playing... THE SHARD TASK FORCES.


Dr. Quaterfield Task Force (levels 40-44) Firebase Zulu (FBZ) zone STARTING OCTOBER 3

Sara Moore Task Force (40-50) Cascade Archipelago (Cascades) zone STARTING OCTOBER 10

Justin Augustine Task Force (44-50) The Chantry STARTING OCTOBER 17

Faathim the Kind Task Force (44-50) The Chantry (inside Faathim's sphere) finishing in the Storm Palace STARTING OCTOBER 24


Every October when City of Heroes added the Shadow Shard realms to the Hero side of the game, there have been teams that organized to run four of the more difficult task forces the game devs saw fit to add to the MMO. Some of this had to do with the fact that the TFs were in zones that were floating space islands not easily reached back in the days of olde. Some of this had to do with team requirements for full lineups of eight, and above levels 40 (for Q and Moore) and 44 (for Augustine and Faathim). A lot of it had to do with three of the TFs - Dr. Quaterfield, Sara Moore, and Faathim the Kind were time-consuming runs that would take hours - in Dr. Q's case, DAYS - to complete.


Thankfully, many recent changes to the game helped to speed up the Task Force experience. Ouroboros portals working as shortcuts from the Shard realms back to City Zones for much of Q and Moore, for example. Even better were the P2W vendors that sold powers needed to hurry up the travel - TEAM TELEPORT - from zone to zone that had been the bane of Dr. Q's 26 (!) mission run.


So as a rule, whenever running the Shard Realm Task Forces, you and your teammates MUST HAVE:

* Team Teleport prestige power
* Assemble the Team prestige power
* Mission Teleport prestige power (make sure not to confuse it with Team Teleport)
* Any kind of Fly power, even the temp jet packs available through P2W vendors
* Ouro portals for useful shortcuts to zones accessible through that portal
* Supergroup Base teleports (if unlocked for teammates to share)

Shard TFs can NOW be done within 2 hours, tops. And more fun to run. And with Double Merits due to the Weekly TF status, very profitable!


Just keep an eye open - heh - for any and all calls for a SHARDTOBER TF RUN on your Looking For Group channel!


Hope to see you in the shadow realms!!!

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That is very good information.  On live, for me, the Shard TFs were the ones I did once, and only with my Badge Hunter then never visited them again.  Now I will have to sit and prepare because while I am not OCD about badges like I used to be, I am interested in revisiting all of the content I may have dismissed or just straight missed.  Your tips are helpers and your positive write-up motivating.

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