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Spooky Season Approaches! Homecoming's Halloween Event 2022!

Cobalt Arachne

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10 hours ago, UltraAlt said:


How do you access this "DJ service" during the event?

This is something the RP crowd regularly employs. Usually they do a set they've put together on a site such as "Beatsense"; there are others, but I'm not super familiar with them. They give the visitors the URL when they arrive so everyone is listening to the same thing (everyone who wants to, that is).



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On 10/2/2022 at 8:48 AM, Cobalt Arachne said:


🎃 It's almost time for the Homecoming: City of Heroes Halloween Event 2022! 🎃

October 4th - November 1st



Eternal Night!

  • For the last two weeks of the Halloween Event, starting on October 22nd, most zones will be covered by an eternal night!
    • If you're interested in hunting for enemies that only spawn at certain times of the day like the ghosts in Croatoa! This is a great chance to get those badges!




If the event ends on Nov. 1st, the last 2 weeks would be Oct. 18 - Nov. 1, not Oct. 22nd... so we only get eleven day of Eternal Night...


That makes me sad.




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