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BUILD - Voltak's Fire/Kinetics - 4 Star ITF and AEON Proven, Farm Proven, even Solo's Rikti 54x8 NO INSPIRATIONS, NO DEATHS.


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On 5/24/2023 at 8:11 PM, Latex said:

I've achieved this build and it's awesome!

Is there any ways to squeeze more out of it with a higher budget? This would give me more build goals to aim for.

The other way is for a proc build.  
Now, be advised, due to the changes in the game, having soft cap S/L defense now is not the same as it was before the changes.  You are going run into more risks. 
In that case a lot changes, since it is no longer a range defense build.  
With a range defense build, the goal would be to just place the procs after you reach the 45 line. 

I play procs when in teams that buff me.  I just unslot some stuff and slot the procs in.  
I carry them with me and I carry unslotters.  

Otherwise I don't run proc build when I am solo doing some of this stuff 

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