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Focused Feedback: Fiery Aura Revamp

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At this point with Page 5 on the bring of coming out there will be no more power changes, just tests nothing is broken and nothing will break. Suggestions to re-do the whole set are a thing for the past.


I keep seeing suggestions to lower Consume's recharge but I haven't seen any examples of characters unable to keep their endurance up with it. I know I can take a pylon down (no Focused Accuracy) and have blue bar by the end of 5 minutes thanks to Consume. I also know I can toggle Focused Accuracy and then take on Trapdoor and not run out of endurance even with Mu and the whole thing taking close to 6 minutes.


So why do we need a shorter Consume? Is it not being slotted? My only problem with endurance is when I find -recovery mobs (super stunners for example), not even sappers which terrorize half of CoH but to which Fire Armor is simply immune to.


Even while leveling it requires only being slotted to always be up when needed (leveled several dozens of Fire Armor characters so I have an inkling on what I am talking about). The auto-hit change was huge since we no longer have a 5% miss against a single target or be debuffed to a point it does not its job.



Someone post the build they are having endurance problems and against which faction, please.

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