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Focused Feedback: PvP in Bases & New Arena Options

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Ermygawd base raids are back? Awesome awesome awesome. ANd I am levelling an Earth/Ta too woo!

Nice to see the passive resists option too; not sure this reduces the # of Blasters since B's get 1800+ HP, but might add some variety?

Thanks a lot! 😄


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On 10/8/2022 at 6:08 AM, Alouu said:



8. Team vs Team matches that use seperate spawns without requiring supergroup membership.

As mentioned in the last item, the only way to get two teams that spawn in separate locations is to use the "Defenders vs Attackers" mode. This is quite inconvenient though because in order to get matches to work in this way we have to invite all the players we want to be on one side to the Supergroup that hosts the raid map. This essentially means in order to play these kind of matches players will need to constantly be quitting their own actual supergroups.





Suggestion #8 is one I am all for. As of right now, the proposed Base Raid PvP is only good for those characters who all belong to the same supergroup. It would be great if a supergroup could battle another supergroup, or a team made up of other heroes/villains. I guess the real question is, how would you allow these other supergroups or team-ups to gain access to your own SG base to initiate a Raid Battle?

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Thanks for all the feedback, folks.


Page 5 had a pretty tight deadline, so not all of the changes were able to make it in due to limited development time.


Keep an eye out for future updates/pages for more development on this feature.


Until then...happy PvPing! :classic_biggrin:

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