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EBs should not appear for solo ToTers.

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There, I said it. I'll die on that hill defending that point if I have to.


I play mostly blasters and corrupters as a redsider and found solo ToTing is very difficult now that EBs pounce out of doors. I've averaged between 2 and 3 EBs every 10 minutes.


Before anyone says anything, I don't doorcamp. I go from door to door so it is not a high click rate.


Unless I adjust my notoriety level, I normally do not see overpowered NPCs in my mission rooms. Why am I seeing them in a common world area?





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Whether or not the HC staff can do anything to limit EB spawning for solo players, it's not going to happen fast enough to make any difference to the current Halloween event unless they choose to roll back everything, which is going to generate a lot of hate and discontent on its own, so I have grave doubts that we're going to see any effect until next year.

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