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Journalism is crap


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14 minutes ago, Cancrusher said:

We need good, reliable journalism now, more than ever.


The News Literacy Project:  https://newslit.org/



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AE ARC's (So Far!)


15252 Child of the Tsoo - [SFMA] Ninjas, sorcerers, and human trafficking (Origin Story - Stick Figure/Storm Lotus)

50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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Been reading the FT for a while for this reason.

Mainly because (a) I need to for work, to talk to shareholders in City jargon. (If you don't speak a language, hit the papers.)

For (b), they're owned out of Japan these days so no Murdoch risks, they like facts, and can get sued if they get stuff wrong.

But for (c)... they still do investigations. Proper ones. Even ones that would scare the hell out of normal people.



Suggest you watch the actual flick without spoilering yourself. 



For those of you not up on Wirecard, it was the darling of the German financial industry and one of the world's fastest-growing startups.

Until a nerd called Dan McCrum got hold of them.


Several years later - after intrigue, spying, car and bike chases around London and Munich, corrupt investigations by German authorities, death threats from the FSB, and ghost banks run by unidentified Pomeranians, several billion dollars were found missing - along with the company's COO Jan Marsalek, who may or may not be living it up in Moscow, and/or playing at warlords in Libya with Wagner Group.


There's even still a few bits that didn't make the movie version. Like the German authorities going into Wirecard for a full inspection, and not being allowed into the entire floor with darkened windows marked "SPECIAL PROJECTS". And buying it.

...don't these people watch Bond movies?


Look out for me being generally cool, stylish and funny (delete as applicable) on Excelsior.


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