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Defender [Accelerate Metabolism] not appearing in visible buffs


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A cosmetic issue, but a gnarly one: whenever my Defender, Second Light, uses [Accelerate Metabolism], it doesn't visualize on my or any other player's buff icon bar.


Mechanically, the buff lands, but nobody sees it and we can't track uptime.


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Lead of the <New Praetorians Initiative> supergroup.  Goldside enjoyer.  Perennial RP-etiquette overthinker.

Most of my writing is SG-internal, but the following are SFMA that anybody should be able to play if you want new story-based content.

  • NPI: Duray, Duray | 25575: - The New Praetorians scramble to stop the Praetorian and Primal Virgil Durays from getting the band back together.
  • NPI: Brickstown Vice | 36729, 40648, 40803 - The New Praetorians aid Marauder in a drug bust that dredges up his past.  Branches into two paths.
  • NPI: Red Resistance | 43796 - The New Praetorians run afoul of vigilantes after a robbery gone wrong.  Crossover with <Hero Corps Founders Falls>.
  • NPI: Leucochloridium | 44863: - A wellness check on a Woodvale cleanup officer turns over unfinished, Praetorian business.
  • How Emperor Cole Saved Christmas | 45794 - A 100% authentic simulation of how Emperor Cole singlehandedly saved the holiday of Christmas!
  • Bassilisk | 51947 - Several Paragon City villain groups fight over the Rikti's dumbest entirely-canonical doomsday weapon.
  • A Freakshow Love Story | 54544 - Ganymede the cherub calls upon heroes to break up a toxic romance that's going to have explosive fallout!
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