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NEW costume pieces!


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Here's a short list of some (of what I would hope are) easy add ins:



Necklace, under either (or both) Female -> Head -> Detail 2 (because it's a neck option like the Gunslinger 1 or Gunslinger 2) or Upper Body -> Shoulders (like Spiked Collar, Neck Chain, or Neck Chain Heavy)


The Neck Chain option also lets you select chain or barbed wire.  What I'm thinking is a plain, thin necklace chain rather than a heavy can-tow-a-car chain... and it could have options to have nothing attached, a disk-shaped amulet, a jewel, or military style dog tags.  Lots of room here actually for what could be on the end of a necklace like this.


Bracelet(s), options for Right hand only, left hand only, and both hands with actual bracelets being one a few different choices:

- Friendship bracelets (make a two-tone weave, but since costume pieces showing skin, like a bare hand with a bracelet on it) typically can have only one color option, make one of the colors a baked in (like the buckles on the Male -> Boots -> Victorian Steampunk) as white and the player can select the other color.  Optionally, also have gloved and ungloved versions.

- Thin piece strip of decorative metal

- Hospital wristband (those things are indestructible!!)

- Heavy chain to match the neck chain


Earrings, under Head -> Detail 1 and/or Detail 2 (both maybe for layering) with a couple simple shapes (circle, triangle, whatever) and a couple more that hang (feathers, hoops, and a dangling gem).  Also, each should be selectable as Right, Left, or Both...  so the list would look like:

- Earring, Stud (Left)

- Earring, Stud (Right)

- Earring, Stud (Both)

- Earring, Hoop (Left)

- Earring, Hoop (Right)

- Earring, Hoop (Both)

- Earring, Feather (Left)

- Earring, Feather (Right)

- Earring, Feather (Both)


Okay, so that's a 9 options for 3 different items...  maybe we don't need as many variations as I initially suggested.  Just 3 basics with different placement options.


Brass Knuckles

Is that really jewelry?  Meh...  as a glove option, though, some colorable "Brass" knuckles that have Glove and Skin options.



Moving past jewelry, how about taking various existing costume pieces and giving us glowing/pulsating bits like the Celestial Armor or Fire and Ice pieces?  I think a number of the existing Tech pieces could benefit from having some lit up bits and pieces in them.  The Chest Detail -> Ring has options for Basic and Jewel... could we not also get a brightly lit or glowing jewel?  Same thing on the buckle of Belt -> Jewel.


I'm sure there are lots of other places others could come up with for adding in some illuminated pieces using existing costumes pieces as the base.

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