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Weapon Customization : AR/Robotics models ported to Beam Rifle?

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Now that we finally have access to some of the Beam Rifles models for our assault rifles (that Resistance rifle is finally where it belongs!), would it be possible to port some of the AR and Robotics models to BR?


A lot of these would make far more sense shooting lasers but bullets, IMHO!




And maybe add the Council Assault Weapon and Malta Rifle to the list, these look fairly hi-tech/sci-fi!

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I believe the plan is to consolidate all 'rifle' skins so that they're accessible across all suitable powersets interchangeably. Assault Rifle, Munitions Mastery, Mercenaries, Arachnos Soldier, Beam Rifle and Robotics.


The only exception is making Arachnos rifle skins unique to Arachnos Soldiers only.

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yes please, also the sounds thanks 🙂 

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