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Barry Gosford Arc - Skyraiders (Ouroborous Flashback) - questions and possible glitch


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Glitch: I am like the temp powers in the game.  I attempted this arc, I received five missions *The Sky Raiders Secret given by Barry Gosford.  When I exited the Steel Canyon mission I used the phone to call him.  It wasn't the last one, I think it was the third (or so that may be off) He said something when I called him in the text, about the mission - there was an option to accept more missions at that point, he said something about enhancements the word was bluish so I clicked it.  Something happened for a moment like the game paused and then everything disappeared from the call screen and it closed on it's own.

I then clicked "contact" and it had nothing there.  So I thought that was odd and remembered where he was in Talos, I went to him in Talos and clicked on him to get the next mission.  He gave it to me and I continued.

At mission five it rewarded me a temp power and reward merits and dropped the flashback arc.


Question: How do I continue on with all of the things listed after those five missions outside of the arc? Or because they are listed as Missions and not story arc am I SOL?





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Ouroboros only handles the content flagged as "Story Arcs" and certain tasks for replayability. This is for two reasons: One, Story Arcs (and certain tasks) tend to give out rewards and advance plot, and thus are more timeline sensitive for Ouroboros from a thematic standpoint; and two, the tasks in this game are numerous and some of them are redundant, distributed across legacy contacts as filler missions, referrals to the Hazard Zone security chiefs (Which is a holdover from when Hazard Zones were level locked and you had to earn clearance to enter), etc. Adding them *all* would make a fine mess of Ouroboros' curated list to things to do and some would be a darn fine waste of time.


While the missions you've listed are not ALL entirely just timekillers, talk-tos, etc., they are filler missions that largely just help push a super to the next level. The only way to access that content is to be in the level range it's offered.


Some missions have been flagged by players as lore-important, such as the recent badges added to two Rikti missions. As such, if some missions in that list are plot-related they can be tagged in Ouro in the future. (Past? Future-Present?)



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