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Riot Games MMORPG set in the Runeterra Universe (League of Legends)


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In December 2020 Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, VP, EP at Riot revealed that Riot was working on an MMORPG and he was leading the charge. For those unfamiliar with Ghostcrawler, he worked at Blizzard from 2008 through 2013 as Lead Systems Designer on WoW shipping 3 expansions and was a very transparent and visible dev during this period of time for World of Warcraft.


Greg joined Riot in 2014, over his 9+years at Riot Games he worked on League of Legends as a Lead Game Designer and became Design Director, Head of Creative, VP of IP and Entertainment and eventually VP and EP. Now he is leading the MMO project at Riot w/ many other MMO vets. Riot has a website dedicated to recruiting for their MMO.


While the game is very far away Greg Street routinely talks about the MMO and its direction on twitter, he asks questions such as what players are looking for, etc. I'm not going to list everything that hes talked about but I will share some youtube videos where people have gone over some of this stuff.


HERE is an interview w/ Greg Street aka Ghostcrawler


Force Gaming Talks about Riot MMO and his thoughts.


Ryve Genesis did an indepth look into the information we have so far.


A follow up video by Ryve Genesis.


Necrit's video on Riot MMO


Anyways there is supposed to be some news, probably small news dump regarding the Riot MMO and some of its other upcoming games before the end of the year. The game is far away I wouldn't expect anything playable before 2025 if I'm being honest but Riot has a ton of money and they do not rush games or push games that will fail. Greet Street has said numerous times they will cancel the MMO if they need to. Riot has cancelled many R&D projects/games in development when they deem it necessary.


On top of that Arcane the animated show based on LoL/Runeterra Universe was a huge hit and introduced the world of runeterra to a lot of new faces. An MMO is a great way for new audience, where as current League of Legends is kind of a turn off. IMO if you havent played LoL by now you never will because of the type of genre, very multiplayer and competitive heavy. It lacks single player, story driven and rpg elements that an MMO would absolutely sell people on.


Here is a link to an interactive portion of the Runeterra map


In fact while I have played my fair share of LoL I stopped a while ago because I no longer cared for the gameplay of MOBAs. I do like the world setting and characters of Runeterra but League gameplay leaves a lot to be desired especially if you are no longer a teenager focused on micro/macro and a high APM.


This is one of the few MMOs I am keeping an eye out on, the other being Ashes of Creation. I was slightly curious about the Jack Emmert Marvel MMO until it got cancelled.


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Riot does a pretty good job of making their games for the intended audience. What I mean by this is they have made a digital trading card game and it caters towards people that play card games. They have also made a tactical Counter Strike/Overwatch hybrid FPS and it absolutely is for people interested in that genre of game. Another example is Riot is working on a fighting game codenamed Project L, that game is being developed by a bunch of fighting game people and their goal is to make a game for people who enjoy fighting games.


They also realize not all of their games will be the huge insane hit that League of Legends will be which is why a game like Legends of Runeterra their card game is much smaller but they still support it heavily as a live service game with frequent updates and new content.

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