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Need your Opinion on which group to put slash commands at wiki...


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I'm torn. On one hand I think these commands should go in the "Working Commands" section, and on the other hand I think the should go in the "Non-functional Commands" section on the list of slash commands page at the wiki. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/List_of_Slash_Commands


There are several commands that appear to only be partially functional. I figure they were either unfinished or they're internal commands used by the game system.


One command is /coalition_decline and it's a good example. https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Coalition_decline_(Slash_Command)


I currently have it in the "Non-functional Commands" section, but I'm troubled by the fact that this command (and the others) actually do work. They just don't work well. 


Also, notice that it requires 3 arguments or variables to work, which makes it very unwieldy and inconvenient to use. The other commands also need between 3-5 arguments in order to work. That's right, FIVE arguments.


So what do you think? Keep it in the "Non-functional" section, or move it to the "Working Commands" section?



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I would probably put them in the working commands section, but I can see why it's not an easy decision to make.

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OK. Thanks, ATC.


I've moved these commands into the "Working Commands" section, and have rewritten their pages.


trade_accept https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Trade_accept_(Slash_Command)

coalition_decline https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Coalition_decline_(Slash_Command)

team_decline https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Team_decline_(Slash_Command)
trade_decline https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Trade_decline_(Slash_Command)


The last 3 commands are actually non-functional, but they trigger errors that in effect cancel the invitations. So they kind of work... sort of.



UPDATE: On further reflection, I've decided to place the decline commands into the non-functional section. They really are non-functional commands. They only appear to work because of the game attempting to correct a request from a bad command.


Trade_accept will stay in the Working Commands section because it actually does something and doesn't just generate errors. However, it's still only partially functional. 

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