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My attempt at the Paragon Times.


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            Paragon City Times                                                

Halloween over. Top officials, heroes and  

Even Arachnos remain Silent 

By Gabe Ryan and Emma Stryker 

TImes Staff 

Paragon City, Rhode Island, November 2022- It has been weeks since the invasion by a reality who had invaded our world for a decade with all sorts of horror and evil to pour into our world, even more it was revealed finally that fae, who consisted of dark elves and no so cute faeries were the leaders who organized the invasion all these years finally revealed themselves and let their intentions known. And bringing all new generals such as Matron of Witch's, Vampire Lords, Mummies, Reapers and Spectral Werewolves leading their armies to the six surviving earths that had reappeared after the “blink” of 2012, which on a side note somehow it’s residents were told lost seven years according to the new group of Chronomancers or manipulators of time said we had “weathered the “Storm” came out of it and Earth’s war with their leader who called itself Anubis” and we are now here with help of other cosmic powers which they would now refuse elude to. However, since that time many of Paragon’s enemies has taken the moment to try again to conquer or eliminate the remaining Heroes, villains and residents alike of the world.  

Case in point Paragon City new or old adversary had made their intent very clear and wanting to wipe out Earth and finish off the what Anubis had started. Thankfully the last two years has pushed any progress of any hostile force who had tried to with United States satellite system which was finally finished in the 1990’s in documents that was recently declassified.  With the intent was to be used to disrupt foreign magic and break any momentum any power that attempted to breach the dimensional barriers between ours and any enemy combatant realities. With portal technology many more feared a reality of demon’s who could overwhelm our planets than a technological one. Unfortunately, the Earth’s new defense system was destroyed by saboteurs in the last few weeks by more powerful reapers who infiltrated a command center and destroyed the planet’s only defense. Causing many fatalities in the base. 

This left the governments of the world to once again gather heroes to go into the “fae” world with a large group of both heroes and conscripted Villains provided by Arachnos. Such an act has not been done since the first Ritki War. However, this time no one who had magical powers or items were allowed to partake in the invasion.  Even M.A.G.I agreed to the conditions with no objection.  Over ten thousand all super powered of all them technological, mutation and science agreed to gather and many Arachnos soldiers, remaining United Nation and States military and Hero Corporation gathered at portal corp. And within twelve hours portal corporation and Rogue isles from what were told opened their gates and started sending their armies through, it was not only after the last armored vehicle went in, we were told to leave to wait in the press room and not report from the other side out of our safety.  

Thirty-six hours later we were finally informed by Press Secretary Hector James Hernandez, “that the operation was a success and we will send e-mails with the details of what happened on the other side and there will be no further questions at this time”. In the Rogue Isles Spokesman Viridian, broadcasting on their state sponsored networks, spoke on the “success of power of Arachnos against its enemies and how it is a glorious day for the Isles and with Lord Recluse’s leadership won the day”. Paragon Times tried reaching out to the spokesman through the United Nations help and the White House, we have not received a reply currently. Even trying to reach out to the participants, those brave heroes who were there on the ground has somehow disappeared from records and many Hero Corp and Military officials had been reassigned.  


Two days ago, we recently received from an anonymous source, information, pictures and documents showing that there were survivors brought over from the other universe including many top officials of the invading army surrounded by black armored clad individuals in odd elvish armor, human military uniforms and what looks like Skyway City Supa Trolls with heavy arms and also in military uniforms escorting prisoner and equipment inside a structure. Bringing this to the attention of the F.B.S.A. and Paragon City officials has been met with shock and a “promise” to investigate the origin of these individuals and where this “base” is located. The Paragon Times will continue to investigate this ongoing situation as well.  






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Content might be good, but the formatting is painful and I can't get through it.

Clipped on the left side (screen resolution doesn't seem to help) and that font is horrible. Newspapers would typically be in something like Times New Roman. Even Arial. And dim the background (there's a reason newspapers are/were not bright white).


I don't want to be overly critical, because I bet the content would be fun reading. Just please, fix your background and formatting.



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