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19 minutes ago, TerroirNoir2 said:

Can we get this tailored to Praetoria as well as Paragon/Rogue Isles?  Maybe not summoning Tyrant, because that's insane, but you know.

It would have to be a separate purchasable power.  I say this as someone who mains a Gold 50 and uses the Team Transport.  The Praetorian version of Team Transport is Gold trimmed (I've got a pic of it here: Praetorian Flyer). However if you cross the Rift and become a Primal (Red or Blue) then the TT changes to either the Red or Blue equivalent.  So, if you want to have Praetorian Signature Summons then I think it's easier to have a separate power than to code for the original changing to a third option.  I think it would need to be "only one version usable at a time" though, so you couldn't drag Positron AND Antimatter around with you.


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