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Optimized Graphics Settings?


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2 hours ago, huang3721 said:


Thanks. I should say that I'm already getting some ~120 FPS average, but was wondering if there's any particular setting I should avoid, that perhaps wouldn't make much of a difference quality wise but would increase the FPS even  further, or if there's a setting I should make sure to use that makes the game look much better without doing much damage to the FPS. 

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Depends on your cpu, gpu, ram, and the resolution of your monitor.


There is no one answer.

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Personally I just leave all the graphic settings to max. With the exception of a recent case of thermal throttling due to bad paste I replaced, the only time I get less than 140 or so fps is if I have all three accounts running, where I'm afk farming myself a new 50, and playing the third account on a MSR or something and then I might see it hit ~90ish fps.


The OEM paste was flaky and dried out, so I replaced with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, and three accounts at once all on max settings is getting my GPU up to about 63° Celsius so fairly ideal. A few people I respect swore up and down about Thermal Grizzly so I figured I'd give it a try.


Ultimately it's going to come down to finding the sweet spot for your own rig. Also the textures/models were going off of 15-20 year old textures so you'll eventually get to a hard limit.


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