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Seismic Blast (Blaster): Abnormally-Long Recharge for Empowered Rock Shards


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I was recently testing a new Seismic Blast build on Brainstorm, and noticed an odd issue: when using the Empowered version of Rock Shards, the power would occasionally go on a really long cooldown. In my build it should have roughly a three second recharge, and the base recharge of the power is only 8 seconds — in this case, however, the power would go on cooldown for anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds. I went to check to see if this behavior was also present on Live, and it definitely is.


I think this issue might be new; I've played this Seismic Blaster a lot, and never had this come up before. The behavior does, however, seems to be very inconsistent; sometimes I'll get the bug 3-4 times in a row, sometimes Rock Shards will briefly display a very long recharge before snapping back to a shorter one, sometimes I won't be able to replicate the bug at all for minutes on end. The length of the bugged cooldown also seems to be inconsistent, even with no change in recharge buffs or slotting. I feel like it *might* be happening when I use a normal Rock Shards, get Seismic Shockwaves while the power is recharging, and then immediately use the Empowered version as soon as it's recharged, but the bug happens so unreliably that it's difficult to be sure.


All the tests were done in the Rikti War Zone (both on Brainstorm on the test server and Everlasting on Live), against a variety of enemies — I had it trigger on Vanguard training dummies, Rikti, Crey, and Arachnos. The character is a Seismic/Devices Blaster, and I haven't had the chance to see if Seismic Blast is having the same issue on other Archetypes. If anyone else is able to replicate this bug or has any ideas about what might be causing it, I'd love to hear.

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