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Plant/Trick Arrow is pretty solid

Almighty Magic

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I don't usually post but for the 2 weeks I was dipping my toes back into the game. I have not played consistently in 4 months or so. I missed all the updates and all that, so I spent the last few weeks reading and then hopped on the test server to get the skills unrusted/derustified/COH CLR?

Anyway was trying out the new changes and for the first time I tried out Trick Arrow....Never made one and the changes seemed interesting enough. Its pretty solid/all around performer......not too fast nor painfully slow. Safe but no where near invincible. Plant I heard was rough to use in the Hard Mode ITF due to the resists, but even on my Plant Dom I learned to play without using confuse so it was not that bad for me personally.

I thought at first I would take this toon live, but I am on the fence about it. I like the flow but I am leaning towards getting away from Plant for a while. Here are some test runs I did once I got the hang/flow of the sets together.

Did few things to show off it's diversity.... (Apologies for the crappy video quality I used a free program and didn't think to change the settings).

3 star unyielding ITF +4 4x8 - Just a brief few mobs in the early part (also apologies for cutting that short my son needed something so I had to bail out the mission mid boss fight). I found confuse can work in small doses so I hit it a few times to get a cheap heal from the enemy. I have done more of the level in other tests but its a slog solo, and its not like I can actually finish it so I bail to make changes or test other toons. Lots of deaths when the enemies ignore my slows and slow patch....or the hyper accurate squids come out....but to be expected.



Road Tunnel Farm +4 4x8 - Needed to see what arrow could do when swarmed/farming. I could only do 2 mobs at once with safety. My Dom can do 3+ mobs at once so its just ok for farming. Not slowest nor the fastest.....I didn't finish the farm since it was just testing....the vid is just a snippet not the full farm.



Trapdoor run +4 4x8- Could not get a sub 5.00 run to save my life. Just not enough quick charging AOE. I would have to get rid of Earth to get a better time.



But if anyone is on the fence about using Plant/Trick Arrow for high level stuff don't be, its a very solid and versatile combo. Plant can do anything and TA has a large tool kit. I didn't really save any of the builds because I was changing stuff on the fly (incarnates/IO's etc). The build is nothing fantastic by itself I change things for my playstyle and techniques.


I focused on procs/35 def ranged/300+ regen.


The only build I kept was an earlier attempt using Water Spout (which did well).



Plant Trick Arrow Attempt 1.mxd

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