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Join us in memory of @Amerika aka DaphyDoodle/Lady Sheriff

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My favorite aunt who has been a loyal player since one of the first issues, and even came back once Homecoming launched, passed away around Christmas.  She introduced me to CoH when I was very young and I was absolutely fascinated by the game and have been attached to it ever since. I only wish I had been able to play with her more and would do anything for her to still be alive, healthy, and happy.

She was a wonderful and talented person with a heart of gold and a pure soul, and way too young to have left this world so suddenly.  I'm still struggling with this reality and can't believe she's really no longer with us.

I would like to ask the community she loved so dearly to come together to celebrate her short but beautiful life, and to stand with her character, her friends, and me so that she may wander through the city one last time, in spirit. I want to help keep her memory alive by taking a few memorable screenshots, among other things.  I know she would be thrilled and honored to see so much support, and It would mean so much to not only me, but also her husband, who played alongside her from the very beginning. 

The memorial will happen on Indomitable server, where her SG is.  The planning is still a semi work in progress but will most likely begin in Atlas Park before moving across other zones. 

I am hoping to have more details soon. For now, it's looking to be postponed due to everyone's busy schedules. I will probably post a notice across servers in LFG chats when it appears to be a good time. If not tonight around 7 PM CST, then possibly later in the week. 
I welcome the entire community, and all who would like to attend are encouraged to leave a comment or follow the topic for the final update.  Any suggestions and ideas are also welcome. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for making this wonderful community and universe so great. 

2023-01-10 04_16_59-Atlas Park.png

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