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Poison/Water - your thoughts, input and reasons I just shouldn't...

Scarlet Shocker

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I love poison! I main a Poison/Fire. Things that changed poison up for me.

(I can't play poison any other way) Most dps fun I've ever had on a defender. Kill mob/Next/Kill mob/next

Fly+Hover (I bind SHIFT for Fly Down) - Made it easy to land my poison traps.
I also combo it with Combat tp (Bind it to tp to target)
Fold Space + Perma Soul drain.
I lived off of 33% Lucks =))) built for 12% DEF. /ah ❤️
Oppressive gloom is just so wonderful
Build for procs. 
Ran all 3 P2W Buffs 
Ageless on cool down

The builds down fall. HM content. Can't have this kind of fun on HM with a poison. Everyone wants ice or kin.

The phantom lore's that give you AB twice during its life was nice to have for trash missions when I was building for HM content.

Just wanted to share my maaaany hours of poison



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