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Call to Justice have MMs playing Hero?


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Call to Justice isn't that great.  +To-hit is easy to obtain elsewhere, and for +dmg, there's always red inspirations, and it only lasts thirty seconds every six minutes.  Definitely not worth staying the worst alignment for, IMO.  The only alignment power worth taking is Frenzy (the villain alignment power), which is fantastic for Brutes and Dominators.

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I have been using Call to Justice for my "true blue" MM when fighting zone GMs. By the time I have found the next GM, it has usually recharged. It does slightly speed things up. Echo Dark Astoria's Adamastor can be knocked back to the grave in well under a minute when I use it.


One word of caution, at least with Robots (who will stay at range) is to make sure the henchmen are close by when trigerring it.

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I use it all the time for soloing story arc on elites and extra mob aggro when needed. It makes elites turn into bosses with the damage bump. So yes it is great. Tell me how many don't have in on their tray then if not so great?


Anyways, back to the question. Does this buff influence alignment?

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