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AR / Archery Improvement request

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Greetings everyone. Ive seen a lot of threads calling for the improvement of archer and assault rifle for various reasons. This request/suggestion will not improve functionality its purely for aesthetics.


Because neither guns nor archer allow recoloring of their abilities AND 90% of the animations are the same regardless of the power being used.....


Can we have a tailor option where we switch weapons per power? 

Now hear me out


1. Many of us already turn off redraw for smoother play so random guns teleporting into your hand already happens.

2 . using an uzi for burst and a sniper rifle for snipe just makes sense thematically

3. This option is purely voluntary so if you just want 1 gun thats fine too

4. last the new option where we can wear our gun on our back already allows for different weapons to visually appear besides the one we use with a power.


I dont know if this has been suggested before and i dont know how feasible it is.  Thanks for reading XD

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Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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