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ATO's: better icons and pop ups.

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Now that each AT has two different ATO's sets, each with the 'special' enhancements, can we improve the way in which those effects are displayed?

For example: The scrapper +crit one flashes a cool 'critical strike!' message above your head when it goes off. Likewise, the stalker BU recharge flashes another message.

These are really cool, and let you know your shiny new IO is actually working.


Then you have other sets like the Brute ones. With NO message at all, not even an icon displaying the buff. I had to go into combat atts to make sure it was actually doing anything.

Other sets have buff icons..which totally do not fit the effect occurring. The dom +damage icon shows up as a greyscale generic resistance buff, which makes zero sense.


I would like these combat message type things to actually show for all Procs, just maybe in a smaller font, with an option to hide the popup. It would be nice to see say a 'touch of death!' (du du dun) show up when you slap someone, or a Positron's Blast!

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