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R.I.P. Leiji Matsumoto


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For those who might not know who this man was - here's some images associated with his works. 


















I heard the news yesterday that Matsumoto-Sensei has passed away. 

I've been trying to figure out something to say off and on all day.

One of my fondest dreams was to meet him. If only for 10 to 15 seconds. Just to say "Thank you" for all he's done. So much of who I was in my youth - and carried forward - was influenced by his works and visions. So many friends I've met are due to him, if indirectly. 

I will never forget Leiji Matsumoto. I don't think the world will forget him. 

Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock, Tochiro, The Arcadia, Emeraldas, Maetel. The Galaxy Express 999. They all live in my memory and heart and the hearts of so many others. 

I have an image in my head of Matsumoto Sensei boarding the Galaxy 999 and waving to the platform as the train leaves. And the further out it goes, the younger he appears, until he is the young man he was when he first dreamed it all. 

May we all meet in the Endless Sea of Stars. 

A lovely tribute piece posted on Deviant Art:   




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