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Ah Energy/Energy Blaster, How I Love Thee


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So this is going to be a bit of a rant, but i think i've found a character i can really get into.  His name is Brother Skirmish.  He is only lvl 21 at the moment.  One thing thats nice about this build, is there are no toggle powers, yet.  His costume is meh, he looks like a DBZ character, which i'm planning to fix.  One thing i like about Energy/Energy is its mostly Single Target.  Which makes soloing a bit easier.  Right now i level +1x0 missions.

I'm running story arc missions.  Right now, i'm in Striga Isle, finishing up Stephanie Peebles missions.  I think thats her name.  Anyways, if you want to play a fun class, i recomended it.


This is my build, for those who might want to try it:


1) Power Bolt (1)(3)(5)(7)(15)(19)

1) Energy Punch (1)

2) Power Blast (2)(3)(5)(7)(15)(19)

4) Hover (4)

6) Fly (6)

8 ) Power Burst (8)(9)(9)(13)(17)(21)

10) Sniper Blast (10)(11)(11)(13)(17)(21)

12) Aim (12)

14) Build UP (14)

16) Bone Smasher (16)

18) Energize (18)

20) Hasten (20)


Ill keep you posted, as i keep going.  Have a Gnite All.

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