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Old school Chief Soldier on Lost mission

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Man, here's a weird one. An old-style Rikti Chief Soldier will randomly spawn on Lost missions. This was spotted on a +0/x2 level 28 mission. It was in the Ouroborus arc but probably can happen anywhere. I don't know if this always happens with the Lost or just specifically on x2 spawns.


There were several boss spawns, and most of them were Pariah Anchorites in the combat idle stance. I suspect that instead of the alternate bosses being Pariah Prelates like normal, they were appearing as the old Chief Soldiers instead.




I saw two of them on this mission, and both times they were standing around doing the "FlashlightUp" emote.






Just to confuse things, there was a third spawn of a Chief Soldier with the modern armor as well. This guy was in the combat idle stance like the other Lost bosses. Naturally, he shouldn't have been here either since Lost don't turn into Rikti until level 30.



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It's probably an artifact from when the Rikti model was swapped. Since the mission has special characters that pull from the Rikti pool, the code that did that may not have been enitrely polished when the live Devs blanket swapped the Rikti models as the sub level 30 instances of Rikti appearing may have been overlooked. I could see a stray bit of code that tells to pull from "rikti" models not distinguishing between the old and new for this mission and since it doesn't distinguish between "rikti_new and rikti" (not sure what the real code would be) it can pull from both pools of models so you'll see both variants in the mission.

OR, it was done intentionally to partially preserve the old rikti skins ingame for veteran player nostalgia.

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lol, another thread somewhere here on the forums is requesting some of the old models be reintroduced or some such. It appears some are still in game.

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