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How do I get to +3 after hit 50

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Striker is correct.


A little more detail.  Getting your Alpha to Tier 3 (or 4) and slotting it grants you a +1 in all 50 content.  (45+...i think lol) 


Getting your Destiny and Lore, separately each to Tier 3 or 4 (and SLOTTING it!) grants you +1 for each.  ONLY in Incarnate content. (Which i think includes Dark Astoria?)


I said a little more detail.  Sorry for the stuff my memory did not think was important enough to store

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^^Great resource


FYI - an MSR should easily unlock Alpha for you. Also, check out my guide in my signature on how to get an incarnate component every 15 minutes.

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After you get your first 50 you can start to “slingshot” your next 50s.  

Take the toon I made two days ago.  One day grinding to 47.  Next day 50.  Immediately emailed myself two Transcendent merits.  These are 50 Empyrean merits each. Can combine 50 at an ATM in Wentworths.  I busted s few down fir threads.  I then T4d my Alpha.  You only need it T3 but it is a powerful slot.  Then more grinding. Opened Judgement and Interface. Busted a few Emps for threads and T1 in each.  More grind.  Opened Lore and Destiny. Busted more Emps and T3 in each.  Boom. Because as you vet level the 50 grinding to open slots you get threads this was enough Emps with some left over to save and build a bank to send to the next crazy alt idea i have


Hoard your Emps.  Convert Astrals to Emps in Ouro.  The fairy grrrl. 

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She'll also put hardwood floors in your Base for a nominal fee if you know her number from her commercial 🙂


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5 hours ago, Doomguide2005 said:

The above answers make far more sense than my first thought ... combine the HO with another HO until you get +3 i.e. a 53 HO.

Well that is part of it. The Incarnate system leveling will get you the 50+3. Boosting your IO sets with Enhancement Boosters will get you the other half of the way. Enhancement Boosters will get your IO sets to 50+5 in usefulness while fighting other Incarnates.

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