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Slot Machine's Random Challenge (the limited edition 2023)

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Crunchy, yet satisfying!

Xi the Bright Shiny Catboy has officially made it to 30! 


After finishing off the vampyre vending machines in Striga, he wandered over to Croatoa for some fun busting ghosts, hunting witches, beating up lawn gnomes, carving pumpkins and herding big, shaggy deer-things. 


He might also have mistaken the whisps for cat toys...





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On 4/24/2023 at 7:17 AM, Lyrium said:

I love this challenge and I'll definitely do it at some point. 


May I usggest to use any of the thousand of online dice sites that allow you to throw 3d100 at once, so you can post a pic of your result? 😄 


Link one and I'll add it to the annual contest.

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On 3/26/2023 at 8:08 PM, cranebump said:

2-96-60 Blaster-Water Blast-Martial Combat (oooookay then)

63-32-34 Mastermind-Mercs-Kinetics (could actually work, but I hate MM's)

78-81-98 Sentinel-Rad-Will (could actually play this one)


Well, might as well go with the weirdest.


Now dropping in...


Tsumurai!* Holder of the Sacred Gem of Imanust! Trained by the Tsoo! Wardrobe by Goodwill!

*some hateful, horrible person already HAD Tsunamurai, unfortuntately. (sniff):-)


(Water Blast/Martial Assault it is. The KD is really nice, but when I wade for kicks-n-grins, I got no defense atm. Probably gonna need a toughness secondary, though I feel I have to have infiltration).


Addendum: I also did costume parts/types I rarely every use, namely Hood, "Martial Arts" elements, and that weird cape selection. I actually like his look, though I'm pretty sure it's a very crappy, Marvel-1970s representation of an MA hero (at best).



My kinwater defender Silver Tsoonami would be down to team with this guy

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On 4/24/2023 at 10:07 AM, Uun said:

Hit 30 yesterday. Not sold yet. With 3 ST attacks, a cone and a PBAoE, I don't have enough recharge slotted yet to avoid gaps in the attack chain. Haven't got Weave or all the set bonuses yet, so only at about 32% defense. I'll try taking it to 40 to see if I like it better when it's more fully slotted. 

Hit 50 this week. Now fully IOed (no purples beside the ATOs), it's got a gapless attack chain and Incarnate capped defenses. I use Boggle for laughs, but it's really not needed. Psi Melee isn't top tier but if feels solidly middle of the road.

Uunthinkable - Scrapper (Psionic Melee).mbd

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