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Homage to the Joker


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I have exactly just that when Homecoming first open its door. It was a poison/sonic. The Dev thought my character was too much of an IP risk and recostumed it. 

Anyway, poison/sonic is thematic good for what you are asking. It is also functionally very good too, provided that you can survive at close melee range.  Poison/dp is also good. Use Chen rounds. 

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Pistols with Poison is very good, here's why.


  • Hold Proc Roulette, Stack a few chances for hold throughout the build. Add the Soul Epic pool for the Soul Hold, and stack a 3 set of Lockdown somewhere to make sure when the hold procs fire it's very worth it. Add Cryo Judgement with the chance to Hold for more silliness.
  • I wouldn't slot Suppressive fire heavy on the hold stuff though, you want to fill that attack with like 3 damage procs.
  • Power Boost from the Soul Epic Pool
  • Force Feedback on Hail of Bullets and Bullet Rain, maybe even in Empty Clips. It adds up
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