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Popmenu for LFG messages - lfgmacros.mnu

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This popmenu is designed to help team leads create LFG messages.

  • It has option for each task force, strike force, and league events.
  • There is an option for kill most or speed, with or without weekly strike force.
  • Tips are available for some events. This is a never ending working in progress.
  • Tips also have a generate macro, which will generate a macro for all tips for a selected event for much easier use.


Firing a menu option will put the text into the player's chat bar. Then they can edit as they want.


Example text:

Kill most. Weekly Strike Target. Penelope Yin Task Force: Clamor for the people. Level required 20+. This is a kill most, we will NOT speed objectives. If this is your first WST of the week, up to 40 merits. LF7M.


To install, put here under your COX directory.  You might need to create the directories under "data" manually, before you can copy the menu to the "Menus" directory.

<CoX install dir>\data\texts\English\Menus

Example: D:\coh\data\texts\English\Menus


Then create the macro:
/macro TSTv1 "popmenu TSTv1"


Version 1:





More event specific tips


Github repo:



If you want the data to tinker with yourself, see the two JSON files in the properties directory on github.







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