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Using a respec without being fully trained up deletes all your Enhancements

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Someone had just powerleveled me from level 13 to 33 via an AE farm, and I realized I made a mistake in power choices when I was training up afterward, so I decided to use one of the respecs I gained from leveling. After reselecting all my powers, allocating slots as desired, and moving all my Enhancements into my inventory (none into my powers), I clicked the Finish button, but it threw an error and didn't save any of the changes I'd made during the respec. I seem to recall hearing that's to be expected, so in hindsight I'm not sure why I tried to use a respec without having trained all the way up - but what I didn't expect was finding that every last one of my Enhancements had been deleted, even though I had moved them all into my Enhancement inventory. Fortunately, I had yet to actually start slotting Enhancements into my powers, so I didn't lose anything besides some potential vendor trash - but I could see this being immensely frustrating for someone who had already started slotting standard and set IOs in their powers.


Edit: Corrected a typo.

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Update: I tried respeccing a second time, and it threw an error again. On a third attempt, all my Enhancements re-appeared in the allocation window, ready to be either moved to my inventory or slotted into a power. I placed them all in my inventory and finished the respec without any further issue, so it seems like they were "stored" somehow, or perhaps it was simply a display issue. During the period of time when my Enhancements were missing, they didn't appear in the vendor window; however, after they reappeared, they showed up in both my inventory and the vendor window just fine, and I was able to sell them. I didn't gain any more Enhancements while the original ones were missing, so I'm not sure how that would affect this bug, if at all.

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