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Fire Aura Visual Sensitivity Options

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Please, can we have a minimal FX or even just 'no puff' options for Blazing and Cauterizing Aura?
I'm sure many players would enjoy a less blinding fire experience overall, but I've run out of ways to manage this specific power.

For as long as Blazing Aura has existed, the constant puffs of smoke have bothered my eyes. The issue is due to the repetitive, flashing nature rather than the brightness, so using dark or subtle colors has not helped. Most of the time I have had to just avoid playing /fire blasters or /fire armor, and even avoid looking too long at nearby characters using Blazing or Cauterizing Aura. However, these power sets are often in high demand so it's hard to avoid.

I tried to modify the visual using Titanman's excellent mod (below) and while it fixes the fire auras for me, the relevant particle is simply "smoke". Because a common particle is attached to the aura, modifying it also removes the visual FX from other powers, which are not repetitive in nature and don't cause me visual issues.


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