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New improved Psi slotting and skips/takes?

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Never played Psi attack on a Def/Corr but everyone seems happy with the new changes. What are the must haves and the skippable powers? And slotting advice for money no object style builds? Mids isn't updated so I can't play around with builds currently. 



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There aren't a whole lot of clunkers.

The only real issue with the set is that you are forced into a T1 or T2 power that is eclipsed later by other powers you could take.  Psi Lance at 2 was such a nice benefit when you could do that.  Mind you, that's not a huge complaint, but that's really about it.

You can make an argument for every other power in the set depending on if you are going to be AOE or ST focused.

As for slotting advice, pick two powers you are going to use a lot... proc them up.

Decent Procable Attacks:
Lance and Will Domination are your best attacks for Procs in a ST chain with Mental Blast being a decent third.
Wail and Tornado are the best of your AOEs for proccing.  Scream is okay and don't bother with Chain.


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