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Mender Roebuck's Revenge


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Sharing a box of Drenched Donuts with Synapse and Mynx, Kyksie's Crime Scanner buzzes. Exhaling, she passes the joint to Mynx and thumbs the screen.


"Who's this BOSS_NAME?"


Synapse burps. "I think I've heard of him. He pops up seemingly at random here and there."


"And..." she squints at the screen, "he's the leader of 'Villaingroup'? That sounds ominous."


Mynx pulled up her shorts and hopped over the platform. "And generic."


"Generic and ominous."


"Better check it out." Dusting herself off, Kyksie takes one last toke and super-leaps up to the monorail. Five minutes later, she arrives at a nondescript office.









Expecting enough villains for eight people, Kyksie spots only a single figure facing her. A code hides his identity, but she can tell that this is really Mender Roebuck, the mysterious merchant from the land outside time, Ouroboros.





Kyksie dodges his ineffective swings for a minute, then exits the building, shaking her head. Have the Menders decided to set up a foothold in our space and time? Or in Mender Roebuck acting on his own, maybe to establish a transtemporal Major Flander's franchise? Or is Kyksie completely stoned out of her skull?


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