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Demon/Thermal MasterMind Fire Farming Build

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I am not a professional when it comes to building toons, but what I can say is I'm an amazing farmer, this toon held up better than I expected. Please modify/tweak as you see fit. I'm best known for being one of the fastest AE farmers on "Excelsior". While I am an intermediate farmer, I would say I'm brand new when it comes to building for what the general community might enjoy. Again please tweak as you see fit.




(Video proof of the build) Sorry about the quality will re-upload later in 1080/HD


 First and foremost I'd like to say I'm no expert in building Masterminds; in fact, this project was a little rough to complete. Originally attempted to build this toon for solo fire-farming 50x4 but the clear times will never be better or just as good as a brute/tank. In reality, this build is mainly to assist other farmers on their farms while relaxing and not being so click-intensive.


You might ask why would I want a MM farmer if the speeds aren't the same or just as fast as a brute?

  1. Spice things up -- For a lot of farmers I can tell you it's really enjoyable to limit testing new things. Running a brute or a tank constantly at one point can seem really repetitive and dull at times.
  2. Bringing something new to the AE community is always an option, that's what I love to do. I've seen Blasters, Dominators, Controllers, and very few other MM. Never settle.

Again this is my first time releasing a build to the public please I'm completely open to feedback, and suggestions, for myself and others to follow down the road. 



Note: I did not take travel powers only because I felt like the P2W vendor has pretty much everything you could need and would have rather used those extra choices/slots to enhance the build.




Alpha - For Alpha, I went with Musculature (Musculature Core Paragon) only because I felt like the pets already lacked damage. I tried going Resilient but hadn't noticed any real change in the pet's defense or resistance. This build does have endurance issues, if the person you're running with has ageless I suggest you go to the left, if not and you don't like the endurance struggle (Musculature Radial Paragon) will help with some of those endurance struggles.


Destiny - Destiny, the most important part of your pet's survival (BARRIER CORE EPIHANY) -- When it comes to farming with a squishy, barrier should always be your number one choice, especially if you're a blaster or Mastermind.


Interface - For Interface, you have a few options, I'll leave this open, but I would recommend choosing from Reactive, Diamagnetic, or Degenerative. Me personally I went reactive. 


Lore - Lore pets are open as well, I use Banished Phantom only because it's ability does -Resis, mob aggro, and the pet immunity it has to offer.


Judgment - For Judgment, I'm rolling with (Ion Core Final Judgement), I highly recommend going to the left with Ion so you can pull the mobs, if you go to the right you have a chance on CC and locking in mobs if you're trying to pull them towards you.


Hybrid - With Hybrid there isn't a choice when it comes to MasterMinds, go (Support Core Embodiment), it doubles the pets resis / defense/damage! Everything a MasterMind could dream of. 




AE Demons Thermal FFMM.mbd

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i didn't import the build yet, but if this is your goal you will want team teleport. it keeps you all together and allows for one button positioning at the edge of a group to fire off your immob (aoe or conal) and for your pets to have a great start for their aoe's which demons doesn't have a whole lot of. 

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