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My Mains + Silly Miscellaneous Character Ideas

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 This one is less miscellaneous as he's one of my mains, lol. But I'll put his profile here anyways. Also to preface, idk what lore is last time I played this game was in 2014 I don't remember anything man. 👍


I always have had a habit of taking my characters and carrying them around with me everywhere instead of making new ones. They're almost always of-many-fandoms, and this fellow is no exception ^^;; this is Phoenix! He was a regular old loser until one day he got violently bodysnatched by a Nictus. They're best buds now though, eventually joining the Warshades. His very not-superpowered parents still aren't used to having a Kheldian floating around the house, let alone him skipping his community college classes to go save cities. He's the biggest loser you'll ever meet (his mom still washes his costume for him.)




Other notes/fun facts/tidbits/etc: He's 17 years old, trans, smokes too much, and a mere 5'1. Not the shortest Hero, surprisingly, but has a temper of someone waaaay above his stature. He gets into trouble constantly but his propensity to make things explode often gets him out just as easily. His Dark Nova form is his favorite, because it's effortless to fly.


I've been thinking of writing a story or maybe even getting back into the RP scene with him, but I'm not sure of a storyline I'd like to write yet. He has the potential to be silly and campy but also oh so angsty too and I live for it -- struggles with the concept of "not being completely human anymore" and what it means, anyone?!


For the rest, I regrettably have no art. And I was also too lazy to get better screenshots.


My next main is Xysticus Elegans, or "elegant crab spider." An Arachnos crab who is unbearably vain at best, he treats villainy as a popularity contest. Luckily, his stunts prove useful to the masters so Arachnos not only kept him around but gave him more guns in the form of his sweet crab backpack. Despite all the brainwashing and training and technological modification that he went through to become a 'crab soldier, he's still just the worst. Makes true crime commentary podcasts about his own crimes.




Born mostly from the random costume picker (and even after tweaking he still looks like it lol), Diffusion Ionizer is a robotic scrapheap of a thing that was built to manage a nuclear power plant. The artificial intelligence that allowed it to do its job also allowed it to gain semi-sentience, however, and one day it walked off with a few reactor cores to power the machinery in its chest. No one has any idea why it has taken exclusively to a life of crime, but his lack of emotions makes him a very dangerous combatant indeed. Also, he has a cat for no other reason than I thought it would be funny. Titan weapons FTW.




Other ideas I've had:

-My unending love for "on the wrong side" characters. Cruel Daemon lord who is inexplicably on blue side. Fortunata on Blue, Reds being the kindest little beans you'll ever meet (whilst kicking the skeletons into their closet), etc.

-"I'm a (insert aspect here) God from a different country, you wouldn't know me" characters. Have a bird-like thunder god who was awakened when a statue of him was unearthed. Good stuff.


-A Mastermind, probably demon summoning would be funniest. But a MM whose "human form" is actually just the 1st tier imps stacked on each other's shoulders in a big costume and every other demon summoned is just their friends. 3rd tier demon is their dad. Robots could be fun too, the Hero being just a completed form of a bunch of modular robot fighters/drones.

-A storm or water blaster who can only use their powers when touching water, leading them to wear unique costumes such as "big suit filled with water" or just carrying around an absurd  amount of tanks and water bottles. Tripping, and thus spilling, as at least 10x more annoying than normal.

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