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Storm Cell -- Does not work with damage procs.


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It definitely worked during beta testing., they have a very low proc chance, so should be capped at the floor of 10.25% for normal  damage procs.

Maybe not worthwhile, but it can make a lot of attacks over its life, many of which can hit multiple targets.

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6 hours ago, Hedgefund2 said:

Personally, I like the aggro free nature of storm cell and in all other cases a dmg proc will notify mobs and rob you of your ability to cast SC with no consequence.

For sure, but there are no aspects of the initial storm cell that should proc upon cast to draw agro. Not since slotting for slows was removed in beta anyway.

I didn't see the behavior you describe when I was looking at procs in it anyway, but it could be possible.


It will cause agro if you cast storm cell on a spawn that already has storm cell on them if you have self buffing procs in the power like forcefeedback. But the times that would matter are likely pretty rare. 

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On 5/15/2023 at 5:38 PM, LastHumanSoldier said:

Storm Cell does not work at all with damage procs. Correct?

Not correct . . . sorta.


Storm Cell by itself is just the debuff and it gets the chance to do damage by using your other storm attacks.  No Storm attacks, no damage, no chance to proc.  But you can get many damage procs over the life of the cell by using attacks to trigger lightning.  The lightning CAN and DOES trigger damage procs in addition to it's normal damage.

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