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Are those items lootable somewhere?

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While trying to make an exotic build with an Electric tank, I thought I'd try the D-sync enhancements, since they appeared in the market from L1 upward.


After chatting with a couple of people ingame, it turns out those seem to only drop from a L35+ taskforce.

This would imply the lower level items, can not exist, yet, they are listed on the AH.


Can someone confirm that either:

-Those items should not be in the market place.

-How do I loot/buy them if the above is incorrect?

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The market lists them as they technically exist in the code, but there's no way to actually earn them at such a low level.


Also, unlike IOs, D-Synch (and Hamidon, Synthetic-Hamidon, Titan, etc) EXPIRE, which means you can out-level them and make them useless (like SOs), so you'd probably want to wait until level 50 to get them anyway.

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It's an anomaly of the AH interface. Even though the names are listed, if you click the "For Sale" filter, there is no inventory below lvl 35. The same is true of Hami-Os.

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