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Great games that were completely wrecked by the end

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Dungeonrunners, 2007 by NCsoft.

This game was quite unique in regards to the humor that was embedded in the very fabric of the lore and the elements within it. It was very much hack/slash, warcraft/diablo-esque in construct but the humor of it was the story telling, the npc's, and the brilliantly hilarious armor and weapon sets you could obtain before NCsoft went the micro-transaction route, shortly before the final expansion drop for Guildwars 1. I was given the last expansion to Guildwars 1 as a result of having a lifetime membership on Dungeonrunners at the time they sunset the game entirely. Needless to say, I miss my Posse' and my buds on there. The fact they had a NPC of George Bush handing out Posse signup's for players to join their version of "guilds" never failed to amuse the hell out of me. The fact you could fight with an oversized Skillet and Spatula had me dying with laughter when I found the set for myself. Man, I miss that game. It was working perfectly fine up to the day they shut it down, all because of greedy management from NCsoft.


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On 7/2/2023 at 12:43 PM, Mr. Apocalypse said:

They were so fixated on stealing people from the WOW playerbase, rather that enhancing the core design elements.

This mentality has been the bane of so many MMO's that otherwise would have been so much more successful that it isn't even funny. Fuggin execs get this stupid idea in their head that they have to beat WoW by becoming it, instead of beating WoW by not being WoW.


On 7/8/2023 at 10:29 PM, kelika2 said:

dying light final fight

"All those neat abilities you spent all that time getting? Yeah, you aren't going to get to use them, and here's some godawful QTE based fights."

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