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2 Story Arcs not giving merit reward

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I ran the following story arcs back-to-back & received no merits for them.

Story Arc: No More Fears
Contact: Officer Fields (Via Flashback Crystal)


Story Arc: Lay Down Your Burdens
Contact: Sondra Costel (Via Flashback Crystal)


Prior to doing those arcs I did "What was Lost" & received 3 reward merits.


I see other threads commenting on the same issue.





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Working as Intended... I think?

As far as I recall, Merit rewards are only awarded for arcs that have 3 or more door missions. Both the listed missions only have two (plus one "run around Atlas park" mission). You might get merits if you play through them normally (with a level 1-7 character after being introduced by Matt Habashy), but Ouro won't grant merits or challenge badge progress on arcs that only have 1 or 2 missions in them.

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