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Revamped Rogue Story Arc "The Grave and the Old"

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With many thanks to @cranebump and others, I have completely overhauled this 4 mission series, both mechanically and story content.


Once again, I ask that my fellow players give this a try and I hope it brings you joy. Please feel free to give feedback on the mission either in AE or here.


For a bit of understanding this arc...It is not strictly canonical. Yes, its based in this wonderful game and makes potential use of the heroes, villains, and places we all love. However, I'm doing a bit of world building by using my own characters, groups, and themes. Most of the characters are custom, and the SG's used are those I have actually made in-game. "The Trust Fund" is the base I entered for the SG base contest recently.


To whit: If you see a term or element that isn't fully explained, its on purpose for expansion in future arcs I intend to write. Or foreshadowing for a sequel.


Enough of me. I present to you "The Grave and the Old." I hope you like it.



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